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Let’s make the community feel welcomed.

Post a quick welcome message below, perhaps mentioning (1) where you are from, (2) what you are studying or teaching, and (3) why you joined the community. I’ll start…

"Hello everyone, welcome to the community! My name’s Daniel and I’m one of the founders of Academic Marker. I’m from England in the UK, I teach English for Academic Purposes at a British University and I created this community to bring together English-speaking students, tutors and academics."

How about you? :woman_student: :sunny:

Hi everyone,
My name is Prisila Mlingi from Nairobi Kenya . I am a Teaching Associate at Aga Khan University. I work with the English Language Enhancement Network
(ELE_Net) where we give EAP support to students from all academic programmes in the university .
I joined this platform to learn from other EAP practitioners and also to benefit from the resources available here. Thank you.

Welcome, @Prisila - thank you for posting. Nairobi is a beautiful country! I am interested to learn more about Aga Khan University and your English Language Enhancement Network.

To help facilitate discussion for your students and tutors, I’ve created a private forum for Aga Khan University here. Please feel free to use, share and feedback on our resources - we hope they’re useful for you :slight_smile: .

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