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English Café

Don’t be shy - grab a coffee and use this space to discuss general topics about life as an English-speaking academic. Whether it’s a recommendation for the best university food, a question about surviving away from home, or a feedback request, every topic is welcome in the English Café.

Teachers' Lounge

If you work or teach at an academic institution and would like to chat with other tutors and staff, you’re welcome to visit the Teachers’ Lounge. Come in, put the kettle on and feel free to talk about anything and everything related to university life and English for academic purposes.

Course Library

Our Course Library offers many productive activities that benefit from the giving and receiving of feedback. After receiving instructions in the relevant course units, community members can use these forums to share assignments and research topics and conduct structured debates.

Practice Labs

Practice Labs are the perfect place to improve academic language skills, whether in listening, speaking or vocabulary. Any lab tasks that instruct community members to give and receive feedback, such as research topics, assignments and skills-practice activities, can be posted here.

Reading Hub

The Reading Hub has hundreds of free chapters about university life that can improve English ability and academic knowledge when read carefully. Have questions about a particular chapter or concept? Create or join a debate here with our academic community.

Private Forums

See what’s happening in your local community in these private forums, created for universities, colleges, schools and academic institutions around the world. If you can’t see your place of study or work listed here, sign up with your institutional email address and gain access.