EAP and Academic Style: Assignment

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Academic Style Writing:
In Little Women, Alcott demonstrates with the use of various literary techniques, the progress and the extent to which Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy transcend into becoming ‘True Women’ by fighting against their ‘burdens.’ Through direct characterisation, Alcott shows the sisters’ progress from beginning to end. By including non-literary text, such as a newspaper and letters, she allows them to recognise their flaws and struggles. By utilising symbols and connecting the Marches’ journey to an object, Alcott allows the reader to follow the sisters’ development into ‘True Woman.’ Finally, the use of the Pilgrim’s Progress as a motif, not only alludes to the moral teaching the journey portrays but also proves that Little Women is a Christian book. Furthermore, it also acts as “a guidebook for living moral life” (Halttunen, 233-34) to young girls, whom Alcott illustrates to that despite one’s flaws, through conforming to ‘The Cult of True Womanhood’ one could reach womanhood. Thus, Little Women becomes a way for all of us to realise that even if the path seems challenging, it is possible to overcome any obstacle through self-improvement.

Thanks for sharing, Oxana.

Can anyone identify the below features of academic style in this paragraph?

  • cohesive devices
  • hedging language
  • noun phrases
  • reporting verbs
  • passive constructions
  • subject-specific vocabulary
  • structural phrases